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    Beard Nebula.


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  2. marijatiurina:

    Some new and fresh stuff from rainy London. This A2 watercolor paiting has been created using an easel - a birthday present from some awesome people. Must say that I haven’t used one of those stands since high school, and it felt pretty good. Also, who doesn’t like beards? They’re pretty much on everybody’s face these days, and I actually don’t mind that at all. I called this painting “The Bouquet Man”. Enjoy.

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  3. Did you guys know that on google+ they have the most popular effects straight from picnik? i gave myself a beard and used some airbrush… So fun!

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    this gif adequately describes my love of beards and stubble. that is all xoxo

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    I love the beards.

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  8. Lady blue beard.

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    The Dude

    hey! his name’s lebowski too!