1. hairless-hugo:

    Hugo is practicing his bird calls. Chittering (chattering twittering) is a sound that some cats make. The Human Society says that “Some experts think that this is an exaggeration of the “killing bite,” when a cat grabs her prey by the neck and works her teeth through the bones to snap them.” Lovely.

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  2. amor-fatix3:


    buy me a hairless kitten and i’ll love u forever

    Yesss ^^^^^

    i want one so baddd!

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  3. hairless-hugo:

    This is the last photo we have from the breeder of Hugo at 4 weeks, such a shy baby!

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    they are just so ugly to me…look at their paws

    not ugly :(

    This is going to be my next pet. It will.

    i want one so bad. If i get a cat, i want it to be hairless. I’ll knit him sweaters. :3

  6. I want her. <3

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