1. brxkenpetal:

    holding hands with bae

    Too sweet

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  2. mamamantis:

    thegeekyblonde submitted:

    people are dumb but here is a beeping kitten named cricket (not mantis but CLOSE SO CLOSE)

    i feel my rage slowly subsiding

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  4. Precious! !!

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  6. hairless-hugo:

    Wendell comes home today!

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    She hasn’t changed much in 7 months

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  8. cute-overload:

    Caught Molly sunbathing


  9. cute-overload:

    Driving Miss Tokoloshe home when we first got her.

  10. ☀☆ 

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  11. ☀☆ 

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  12. ☀☆ fuzzy lil naked lil

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  13. gulping:

    look at my blog if you want ok but if you dont want to then thats ok too x

    I am not sorry for the kittens on my blog

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  14. WHy is THere a KITTEN in the cANdy machine!? :(((

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  15. catsssss

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