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  3. that boob though.

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  4. canweplease:

    p: ben ritter

    m: alysha nett

    his sexy lady keeps popping up on my dash. guh.

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  5. d’aww

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  7. zeroing:

    Margot Quan Knight


  8. theskinnywithinme:

    i wish i could do this ! make myself instantly skinny…

    this gif makes real-sense to me. like, i don’t understand why we cannot do this.

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  9. lipglossfairyfloss:

    Meee .

    Reblog ill love you foreveeeerrrrrrrr 

    sorry gurl, but this is an example of an awkward body proportion to me. short legs, long torso? not for meee.

  10. absolutely wonderful…

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