1. My birthday is on Monday!

    And I not doing anything!
    It would be nice to hear from you guys :)

  2. Good morning
    I wish I died in my sleep


  3. This fanny pack got a make over

    i have these old studs and a patch of a sadface i got from a record store and i just put those on this black fanny pack i found and now i put my car keys and my weed and my stolen goods in there it’s perfect


  4. My chest is sore
    and i’m short of breath
    but i want another cigarette
    and i want an excuse to think about you for a while

  5. I love nature, really

  6. Good morning

  7. I went to a hedge maze and the goal was a tree house that over-looked the whole maze (:

  8. I took this 29/6/2014

  9. Naked bike ride in Madison was so fun (:

  10. I took these 24/6/2014

  11. My legs are so beat and bitten up


  12. My labia feel like chewed gum when i wear shorts with a center seam


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  13. Drunken night in w the kracken

    Watched the extended version of LOTR with my bro, his gf and very close friend Kevin. While bunch of shenanigans with a drinking game. ;)


  14. It’s 4am and I can’t sleep. Almost feel like saying fuck it.
    Maybe I would have fallen asleep if I didn’t stay playing games on my phone. Or if I didn’t talk to Andy. Or if I ate more today.

    I’m sad, hungry and probably have to poop (again)

    Meowww I wanna dieee

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  15. I’m not terribly fond of myself