1. "Shout it at me and then I’ll give it to ya."
    — My manager regarding a stocking list and me shouting the name of stuff, and she giving me the number we have… we snickered about it for a good minute
  2. I feel lonely


  3. Details: I’m drunk and getting drunker. Girl, I wish I had some booty

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  4. i used to have a friend who read this blog every day even though he didn’t have his own tumblr. he called me kitten and let me spend the night a few ties. he bought me wine when i asked and was always there when i wanted to talk, even at 4am. His name was Nick and he was 30 years old when he died of alcohol poisoning yesterday. I last heard from him a week ago. He was depressed for a long time and struggled every day. 

    I will miss him. and wish i would have known.

    if any of you lovelies are sad, please let me know why you hurt. reach out and speak to me because i care about you all so much you are so beautiful. 

    I wish i would have told Nick i love him… maybe that would have changed things


  5. Suddenly, I saw his car everywhere. And other people wore his shirts and listen to the music he likes. He was in every memory of my past year. And every dream of him was happy, so no wonder I never want to wake up. I think about him every day. I haven’t heard from him in a long time, maybe I sent too many “I miss you” texts, and now it just sounds like breathing to him

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  7. Eating Mac and cheese and drinking wine because I’m angry and lonely.
    Reaching out for help isn’t an option all the time

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  8. We’re like the same person

  9. i’m trying to be myself but i’m also trying to be better
    also my shirt says hugs and kisses, i love it
    also that’s the same pillowcase in Eternal Sunshine
    also i’m really sad and my stitches hurt today

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  10. She asks questions but doesn't listen to the answer

    1. Mom: I'm going to pick ip stuff for dinner. Do you like the french rolls at Jewel?
    2. Me: no.
    3. Mom: yes?
    4. Me: no, I don't like them
    5. Mom: *comes back with too many rolls*
  11. Stupid mistakes

  12. I made a crown of willow branches and assorted flowers I have found

  13. Coffee with wheat toast, guacamole and two sunny-side eggs… and sriracha of course


  14. Blogging the toilet

    And also smoking a bowl on the toilet


  15. I cried at work and tried to hide it

    Whenever i’m in the back alone and doing prep for a long time, my mind wanders and it always goes to bad stuff. The other day i was pressing patties and i just started thinking about all this stress i have from moving, to my break up to just everything… and i couldn’t help it. tears were going down my face. When someone came back to get something i turned away from them and took off my gloves and made like i was washing my hands but i was trying to shut myself up and dry my tears. I do this to myself and i hate it