Woke up hungover with a headache. Took a shower, dressed in my new yellow sweater and took coffee with me and Baby on a walk. The air is so still and crisp. The birds sang so loudly. When i came back, i ate tortilla soup and i’m hanging back feeling good. How are you today?

Just ate a whole box of cheesy mac

i had added this crushed red pepper pesto along with basil pesto and added REAL CHEESE too. SO nommy

Yesterday morning he said “Don’t die on me babe”

and i said okay. But it’s really hard.

Sometimes i feel really beautiful, but no one ever wants to take pictures of me. 

I was going to order a bread bowl from Domino’s, but then it was $8 and 5 blocks away.
I’m so hungry.

Even though we have been disagreeing, i had a pleasant time with Andy today. We got up earlier than usual to drive to Madison, and even though the bank was closed i got my septum changed, and we said love you. But we still keep abruptly bringing up stuff that bugs us, but at least it’s being discussed. 
I just don’t want him to think other girls are cute, and gimme lovin.

i hate talking about how buff i was in JR and SR year in high school. 
just reminds me of how my muscles ache and twitch
because i haven’t been exercising at all.

He got mean and bitchy at me this morning for CUDDLING. he’s the one who started the dry hump, and slipping his hand up my shirt. But then blames me says “I can’t do that, i have to sleep.”
What? can’t i get any cuddles? 

Update: he was sleeping (or at least in those non-rememberable moments of not awakeness) when i had moved in to cuddle, and i guess his instinct reaction is to rub and move closer. Why can’t he have that when he’s awake?

If he went on my blog, he would know which posts i dedicated to him.

aneurysms drew my body and i’m so excited. Based off the second photo.