1. This fanny pack got a make over

    i have these old studs and a patch of a sadface i got from a record store and i just put those on this black fanny pack i found and now i put my car keys and my weed and my stolen goods in there it’s perfect


  2. haroldandmaudlin:

    it occasionally occurs to me that i’m punk as fuck.

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  3. hornynitram:



    Soft punks,
    Warm punks,
    Little balls of spikes.
    Happy punks,
    Sleepy punks,
    Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Punk’s not dead, it’s just kinda sleepy

    The punk in its natural habitat. don’t wake it or it’ll bite your head off.

    passed out punks. adorable

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  4. melonfucker4:




    don’t wear your leather jacket on hot days you could get heat stroke

    remember, being punk is only fun when you’re alive

    Always wear two pairs of socks under your big leather boots, there is nothing punk about getting blisters

    not everyone wants to rock out as hardcore as you, always ask what other people are comfortable with, its very punk to ask how people are feeling

    Punk responsibly.

    PSA brought to you by Save a Punk

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  5. SLC Punk!

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  6. cute outfit!

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  7. OOHHAAHHH she’s cute :3

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  8. love this patch..!

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  13. i can’t stop laughing

    i keep imagining someone at the table like 

    no mom

    i’m feeling too punk to eat

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  14. we love each other because we’re both crazy as hell.

  15. my boyfriend has blue hair. <3